Cloud Based Call Analytics

Our advanced Cloud Based Call Analytics service shows you how efficiently and effectively you are dealing with your customers and provides you with the information you need to drive constant improvement.

Access real-time analytics, dashboards and wallboards through the web browser on traditional desktop devices or monitor on the go through your mobile.

Gain management information

  • Manage and Reduce Costs
  • Access Anywhere on Any Device
  • Monitor and Improve Performance
  • Identify Busy Times and Staff Appropriately

Manage your business better

Our reporting capabilities are unrivalled and are so flexible and easy to use that you will soon see measurable results in productivity improvements and cost savings, throughout your business. Know which teams or individuals pick up calls immediately or who’s letting calls just ring and ring?

Instead of guessing what your call patterns are, why not run a daily or hourly activity report and see for yourselves what is really happening? Are you losing calls early in the morning or just after you close because your staffing hours are wrong?

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