Cloud Based Call Recording

Whether for training purposes or as back up for disputed calls, call recording can prove useful in a number of situations. Capture important call information and order details for future reference with the Worksmart call recording service.

All recordings are date and time-stamped for easy reference and are available online via our secure partner portal.

Call Recording Service

Gain management information

  • Capture important call information
  • Reduce the risk of litigation
  • Monitor customer service levels
  • Enhance staff training

Improve Customer Service Training

Training and performance reviews are made easier when call recordings are easily available to trainers and managers. Trainers can use the call logging software to search and find calls that exemplify excellent customer service or salesmanship. These can be easily emailed to other reps as an example or played in a training meeting. Likewise, poor quality calls can be found by managers and sent to the employees that made them to allow them to learn from their mistakes and improve.

Enhance Sales and Marketing Data

A telephone recording gives your sales and marketing departments valuable data that will help them discover exactly what sales techniques or marketing campaigns are working and more importantly, why they are working.

Strengthen Business Security

The simple presence of a telephone recorder on company lines often acts as a deterrent to all types of security breaches or inappropriate employee calls. Such security breaches or inappropriate calls can be detected with the call recording software and then used to either address the problem with the employee or if necessary to act as evidence in any dispute.

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