Flexible Cloud Video Services

If you are looking to take your home working set up to another level we offer a flexible cloud-based video conferencing service which enables home or mobile workers to quickly hold face to face meetings with colleagues, customers or suppliers.

Our secure cloud video service can be used on PC, tablet or smartphone and offers high definition video conferencing on domestic broadband or 4G mobile data connections.

Participants can quickly be invited to a virtual meeting room by email and no specialised equipment or software is required in order to join the call.

Flexible Cloud Video

Non-Verbal Communication

For a home worker, actually seeing colleagues face to face over a video call can make them feel more integrated with their team and less isolated.

Elevating a telephone call to a video call helps establish a rapport and enables people to communicate more effectively with sight of non-verbal communication.

Effective Collaboration

In addition to video conferencing our cloud video service makes it easy to share screens for training and share documents for collaboration, further increasing the effectiveness of the home or mobile worker.

As with our cloud telephony service, no technical experience is required. The video conferencing application is preconfigured and simple to use.

Our high definition cloud video conferencing service provides a secure, reliable and cost effective means of increasing the productivity of home and mobile workers.

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