Flexible Working Solutions

Since 30 June 2014 every employee has had the statutory right to request flexible working after 26 weeks employment service.

If you are looking for solutions to providing flexible working to your staff our flexible cloud-based telephony, video and mobile services are just what you are looking for. We offer a range of solutions than enable staff to work from any location, with the same access to office calls and colleagues that they would have if they were sat at their desk.

Make work what you do, not a place you go to.

Reducing Cost and Risk

Available with minimal up front expense and simply paid for on a monthly rental basis, our cloud-based services can deliver flexibility without requiring huge investment.

Benefit from all of the latest technology and applications, without the cost, complexity and risks of buying a new phone system that goes out of date and cannot be expanded. Our hosted services are completely scalable and we take care of the maintenance and software updates without any disruption or cost to your business.

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Flexible Mobile Working

Our office Cloud Telephony services can be seamlessly integrated with your mobile device so that your mobile phone becomes an extension to your office phone.

Flexible Mobile Working

Flexible Cloud Telephony

Flexible Cloud Telephony

Our cloud telephony phones can be used wherever there is a broadband connection and function as part of the office telephone system, regardless of where they are located.

Flexible Cloud Video Services

Our secure cloud video service can be used on PC, tablet or smartphone and offers high definition video conferencing on domestic broadband or 4G mobile data connections.

Flexible Cloud Video

Flexible Audio and Web Conferencing

Our cost effective audio and web conferencing solution is the perfect productivity tool for the home or mobile worker.

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