Flexible Cloud Telephony

With continuing challenges to the commuter from congested roads and industrial action on the rail networks, having the ability to work effectively from home is essential for many employees.

By nature, our cloud-based telephony services lend themselves ideally to flexible or home based working. Our cloud telephony phones can be used wherever there is a broadband connection and function as part of the office telephone system, regardless of where they are located.

Flexible Cloud Telephony

Office Functionality at Home

Whilst many telephone systems can forward calls to another number, be it mobile or a home phone, Worksmart Cloud Telephony users can either plug in an IP Phone into their home broadband or use our Mitel MiCollab desktop app with an appropriate headset, to manage office calls as if they were sat in the office.

This provides full office phone functionality regardless of location, including presence, availability and conferencing with colleagues, as well as being part of a ring group, as they would be in the office.

Having home workers provides disaster recovery options, should office services be interrupted or access to the office be compromised at any time but having the ability for staff to work from home helps organisations and employees manage a number of challenges such as:

  • Family and childcare commitments
  • Travel disruption and excessive commuting
  • The employee need for flexible hours
  • The business need for extended operating hours

Office in a Box

Should you organisation require additional temporary staff at any time but not want to lease additional office space with the associated costs that brings, part time or contracted employees could be sent a laptop and IP Phone and simply work from home.

There are no special skills required to install one of our IP Phones, they are simply plug and play, with a standard broadband connection.

International Home Workers

Our home working services can be deployed to other countries and time zones to facilitate 24/7, ‘follow the sun’ customer service operations, without requiring a night shift in the UK. Our services are, in turn, monitored and supported 24/7 ensuring your services can be relied upon.

Our flexible working cloud telephony services are highly secure, cost effective and offer high availability to home and mobile workers.

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