Flexible Mobile Working

When it comes to flexible working, few solutions rival the mobile phone but simply being able to make and take calls on a mobile number is only one of many benefits.

Our office Cloud Telephony services can be seamlessly integrated with your mobile device so that your mobile phone becomes an extension to your office phone, allowing you to:

  • Route office calls to your mobile as needed
  • Make and receive office calls on your mobile
  • Make free calls to and from your office
  • Make free calls to fellow mobile workers
Flexible Mobile Working

Mobile Extension Soft Client

Adding our Mitel MiCollab mobile extension soft client to your mobile device adds additional functionality such visibility of presence and availability of your colleagues.

See when they are in meetings, on a call or available to speak and avoid playing voicemail tag, wasting each other’s time. Send them an instant message asking them to call you when free or ask them a quick question which they may be able to answer mid call, shortening decision times and improving productivity.

Avoid Mobile Roaming Charges

Our mobile extension app can extend your flexible working to international destinations. Toll free calls can be made from your mobile when connected to a WiFi network.

Competitive mobile data bundles mean that even if you don’t have access to a WiFi network, you can still make toll free calls from your mobile provided you have a 4G mobile signal. Avoid international roaming charges and bill shock.

Make calls worldwide without worry and remain contactable, wherever you are.

All of this enables you to work from home or any location worldwide, with the same access to you office calls and colleagues on your mobile phone, as you would have, sat at your office desk.

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