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Our ClineCall Video Platform offers a range of cloud based video conferencing and consultation solutions to the healthcare professional. Whether you are looking for a simple and cost effective way to hold a video consultation with a patient, consult with another clinician via a video link or manage unscheduled emergency video enquiries, the ClineCall Service can help.

ClineCall is simple to use, works on any video device and overcomes the challenges associated with using public services such as Skype. Already used by a number of NHS organisations across the UK and in a number of countries worldwide, our service provides efficiencies for clinicians and most importantly better access for their patients.

Our three main use cases for the ClineCall platform are listed below but we are always happy to discuss bespoke solutions for specific requirements. Please get in touch.

ClineCall Pro

Clinician to Patient

Our cloud-based video consultation service allows a patient to talk to a doctor or clinician using a computer, tablet or iPhone. The consultation takes place at a prearranged time and for a specified period, encouraging timely attendance. The technology is intuitive, secure and IG compliant.

Clinician to Clinician

Our clinician to clinician video conferencing service allows healthcare professionals to quickly and easily collaborate face-to-face from any location using existing smartphones, tablets, PC’s or dedicated conferencing equipment. As with our patient video service, the technology is intuitive and video calls are secure and can be scheduled or ad-hoc.


Our ClineCall Unscheduled Emergency Care (UEC) service enables healthcare providers to manage multiple video calls in a contact centre or triage environment. They can be used for out-of-hours services such as the 111 non-emergency care service or as an A&E video triage service. Patient video calls can be queued and distributed in the same way that telephone calls are.

Service used by

Salford Royal NHS Trust
Care UK
London Central and West UCC

MDT Video Room Systems

We can also simplify and improve the quality and usability of MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) rooms and hospital meeting rooms, by integrating new and existing video conferencing hardware with our cloud based video conferencing service, making MDT rooms more effective and easier to use. We can enable virtually any guest in the world with a broadband connection, to join your conference, with no delay, no additional cost and using their own device, rather than another MDT room.

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