Office Relocation Service

When it comes to moving offices there are many things to consider but perhaps one of the overriding issues is remaining in contact with your customers and minimising disruption to your business. Maintaining seamless communications throughout the move is essential and that is where the experience of Worksmart Technology can prove invaluable.

We understand that businesses do not wish to commit to voice and data services prior to signing leases on premises, so often organising the office communications can be a last minute panic.

If you are already using the Worksmart cloud telephony services, then moving those services to a new location is very simple. If not, then moving offices is a good time to consider switching to a cloud based service, as it makes moving offices much more simple.

Office Relocation Solutions

Problems to avoid when relocating

37% of businesses encounter delays when having traditional phone systems installed in their new office

A cloud telephony service from Worksmart will ensure that your office numbers are working, prior to, during and on the day you move into your new offices. Staff will be able to use their desk phones wherever they have a broadband connection and can link their individual office number to a mobile phone and never miss a call.

Fibre internet circuits typically take 3 months to be installed, delaying the go live date for internet based (IP) telephony services

Our cloud telephony services can be deployed quickly using broadband or intelligent wireless internet services as an interim solution or to provide longer term disaster recovery capability.

Moving offices used to mean changing office numbers, leaving marketing material redundant and confusing customers

Our cloud telephony services are independent of location, enabling you to operate where you want to, using the geographic or non-geographic numbers you wish to use. Your customers will not have to learn a new number.

5 things to consider when moving offices

1. Plan Ahead

Consider your telephony and A/V requirements 3-6 months before you move. If you are moving to larger offices check that your current phone system can accommodate the additional employees you may have.

2. Check Services

Discover what data network speeds are available in your new offices. Is fibre broadband available? If not what other services are available and when, with our post code checker service.

3. Consider the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud before your office move would make moving your office communications simple and seamless, as staff will be able to work from anywhere with a broadband connection.

4. Integrate Your Mobiles

Integrate your mobiles with your desktop phones so that you never miss a call at any time, least of all when you are moving offices. Dial from your office number using your mobile. Manage one voicemail.

5. Seek Advice

The experienced team at Worksmart have helped over 500 businesses move their phone systems since 2000 and can help make one part of your move painless.


How Worksmart can help

  • Structured data cabling
  • Audio, video and WiFi networking
  • Cloud-based telephony and video services
  • Integrated mobile phone services
  • Project managed and supported
  • Proven technologies

Why choose Worksmart

The team at Worksmart have helped more than 500 customers move their office communications.

Our in-house cabling team can provide a free assessment of the cabling in your new premises and carry out any additional work required.

Our communications specialists can help you review your current office communications and make recommendations to ensure maximum productivity and cost effectiveness in your new premises.

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